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The United States is a giant melting pot. It can be said that we are a country made up of immigrants. In fact, everyone here is an immigrant except for the Native Americans of course. Being a giant melting pot means the United States is rich with different cultures, ethnicities, skin tones, religions, and languages. These are the things that make the US great! 

This is a learning game that highlights the food, history, inventions, languages, and pop culture that make the United States what it is today! This version of the game has 9 cultures/ethnic groups represented although there are MANY more represented in the United States. 

The game is made up of multiple choice questions, challenges like dancing and singing, and True or False Questions. This is a learning game, you will NOT know all the answers, this is why the game is played with two teams. Your teammates are allowed to help you or you can play the RACE CARD to pass. The more you play the more you will learn. 

Lastly, the game has a few heavy hitting questions meant to educate, but don't worry, there are plenty of light hearted questions and challenges to lighten things up. 

Lastly, TONS of research went into the creation of this game, long with holding several multicultural focus groups. We apologize in advance if you find anything offensive, that is not our goal, but we also know that we can't please everyone. 

With that being said, there are only 99 copies of this game that will ever be sold or created. We hope you enjoy this very LIMITED EDITION game!

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The truth is... I'm not a game designer, but I have a passion for helping people understand one another. I truly enjoyed writing for Ask a Black Girl, and letting people ask me questions on the street, but the burden of the topic got too heavy for me to carry. The more information I consumed, the less faith I had in humanity to I had to step away from writing. However, I have still been working! This game started out as a thought 4 years ago and has gone through many iterations, but I am proud to announce that it is here! I still have a day job (Full time product photographer) so I can't devote a ton of time to the game so I decided to just print 100 copies (I'm keeping one for myself). Nevertheless... if I receive an overwhelming response, I will consider, printing a new version of it. It will NOT be the same as the current game, but similar. 

If you were not able to purchase one of the 99 copies and you are REALLY interested in the game, sign up below and if I get enough interest, we will print a new version!



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