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Why do black people go to HBCUs?

Let me first begin by explaining that an HBCU is a Historically Black College or University. The majority of these schools were started shortly after slavery to allow black people a chance to receive higher eduction #becausesegregation. I know, I know, many of you are thinking, "why would you want to go to an all black school? I thought you wanted integration????". So, I will answer this with a resounding, YES! Of course black people want integration, we don't attend HBCUs because we want to be segregated, we attend HBCUs to level the playing field and, well... come up for air, if you will. Let me explain. When we (black people) attend school or attend "life" for that matter, we all encounter somebody who doesn't trust us, doesn't like us, or doesn't understand us, all because of our skin color. Contrary to popular belief, at least one of these 3 things has happened to all of us, even at school.

If you are not black, you are of working age, and you're reading this post, I want you to think about your workplace... how many black people do you work with? If there are not many, ask yourself another question; would you be completely comfortable being the only white person at your job? What about being one of few at your school? Well, imagine the level of confidence and comfort black people exude to face this type of racial imbalance every day! Now, because we have been minorities in this country since we got here, we are a little more used to it, but the idea of being in the majority for a little while is pretty awesome.

Going to an HBCU gives young black people the opportunity to be... biology majors, from Utah, into fashion, smart, or we can even be lazy without having to answer for our entire race! We can be absolutely anything without having to be black first. You know what I mean; "the black girl from Utah, the black girl in your lab, black and lazy, or the one with all the messy hair". We can just be "people". If somebody is a jerk in your study group, that person is just a jerk and there is like a -20% chance it's because they are racist. Nobody will be surprised at how much stuff your hair can do or that you've never seen the movie Grease. For at least 4 years out of your whole life you can be unapologetically BLACK!

Comment below and let me know how you feel about HBCUs!

Side note: If you want to learn more about black people, go to an HBCU! Plus, you'll get a discount if you're not black, Ijs.

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