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Champagne and Freedom: The Black Lives Matter Theory

I watched this awesome TED Talk with the founders of Black Lives Matter. They explained a theory that is pretty simple yet, we are doing the exact opposite to address issues of race. We operate on a scale of Black to White in this country. Not to say that people who are not black do not experience racism, but the closer you are to white the least likely you are to experience racism, and the closer you are to black the more likely you are to experience racism. Let’s be honest, blacks and Mexicans are pretty much fighting for last place.

Right now, we combat issues of poverty, racism, and social injustice by ensuring the stability of those on the “top” of the sliding scale, and hope the wealth trickles down to those on the “bottom”. While this seems like a somewhat feasible solution, an even better one is one of effervescence.

Long story short, if you ensure the safety and stability of black people- those on the bottom of the totem pole, it will have an effervescent effect and bubble up, like champagne, or “sparking cider” If you are like me and don’t drink. The Black Lives Matter Movement was not started to eliminate importance of other races, but to attack the problem from the bottom up. “When black people are free, everyone is free”, if black lives matter, then we all matter.

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