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How to Survive a Conversation about Race

1. DON’T.

Do NOT. I repeat, DO NOT have a conversation with someone about race if you are not ready to listen and vice versa. I can guarantee this conversation will either end in blood, confirmed disgust for the other race (ie: That’s why I don’t eem talk to white people!), or just extreme exhaustion and fatigue. If you have already seen this episode of AABG then you will remember the conversation I had with a gentleman in the mall. He was not prepared to listen; I could tell from the moment he opened his mouth, but I was. So, I did my best to remain calm and let him express his thoughts about why black people vote democrat. Was my blood boiling? Yes! But, I had to choose your battles. My goal was to simply listen, make my video, and hope that someone watching would see themselves in him and realize that some changes need to be made.

2. Listen.

You should never enter any conversation if you are not prepared to LISTEN. Sure, the other person might be saying ridiculous things, but you should still actively listen to them. This should happen out of respect for their opinion, but also because you create an environment that isn’t hostile. Hopefully, they will do the same for you when it’s your turn to speak. You would be surprised at how much I learned about what white people REALLY think just by listening. I mean… you can’t truly help anybody understand your perspective if you don’t understand theirs.

3. Keep Calm.

Whew, this one here. Race is a passionate topic. When you feel yourself about to explode just stop the conversation. The moment you feel your heart rate start to rise, you need to begin thinking of an exit strategy. Otherwise, before you know it, you will be in a yelling match and the police will be called and… depending on which side of the color spectrum you’re on, we all know how that will end.

4. Know what you are talking about.

Black history is not something that is taught in schools. Before you come for me, those 3 weeks and some change during the month of February doesn’t even scratch the surface. So, before you start a conversation about race you need to do your homework. Get on YouTube, watch some documentaries, read some books… do whatever it takes to know why things are the way they are. This goes for black people as well. Many of us don’t know much about black history because we went to the same schools you did! Black History must be sought, because it’s not taught. #bars

5. Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

Don’t say stuff that is offensive. In other words, don’t get too comfortable with somebody because they are willing to have a race conversation with you and start throwing around the “n” word, or calling people “white trash” or using any other racial slurs. You catch some hands.

Comment below and let me now how you survive race conversations!

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Love, racism, peace

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