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Why I'm looking for a White Guy

I’m looking for a white man…probably between the ages of 21-65, I know that’s a large age range but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! I don’t care how much money he makes, where he lives, the amount of education he has; I really don’t care if he’s finished high school as long as he’s smart. I just need a good white guy. He will need to be charismatic, witty, and able to talk to anybody. I will need him to be incredibly strong mentally and physically. If ANYBODY knows where I can find a white man like this inbox me ASAP! I know you are probably thinking a lot of things about me, but, I’m desperate and tired of looking to other people to do something only a white man can do. This is not a job for anybody black, or Asian, of Hispanic, or biracial, I need him to be white. Just plain old white American. No, I’m not crazy, or racist. No, I don’t believe all black men are terrible, I just don’t want one.

As much as I want to believe this is “our” America, it isn’t. This country belongs to the white male. White men control our government, our media, our safety, our food, our health, our economy…literally, everything! Have you ever been to a concert or a church and the sound was really good? The mics were all working and you could actually hear the instruments AND the vocalists? Look back at the mixing board, nine times out of ten there’s a white man running it! I digress.

No, I’m not looking for a white man for romantic purposes. I am looking for one to change the tone of this country. When it’s all said and done, this is YOUR country. You run it, you make the laws, and you set the tone for how Americans feel about each other. It’s not black men, it’s not white women, it’s you… the white American male. You have a great deal of responsibility to this country that is now in your possession. You fought to win it, now it’s yours. The violence is yours, the economy is yours, the racism, the prejudice, our freedom of speech, religion… it’s all in your hands...yet you are the most quiet.

I would like to believe that together we can make a better America, we can’t. Together we can make pieces of America better, but if we want to see real change we need white men to step up. I know it must be difficult to acknowledge and accept the privilege you have to ignore all of the less favorable happenings in this country, but you have to. The only way real change will come about is if at least one strong white man stands up and says “This is wrong, let’s change it”. You are the only ones in positions of power to change the racism, sexism, violence, crime, and economy. The world listens to you. So, will you continue to ignore the privilege you have or will you use it to better the country we live in?

Right now, at this present time, we have a President in office that is only there because of white privilege. I would suggest that most American people don’t hate Mexicans, don’t hate Muslims, don’t hate women, the disabled, or blacks. However, most American’s are white, and in turn had the privilege to ignore the things that were said and done to others, because it did not affect them (at the time). Sure, you don’t want all Mexican’s deported… but you didn’t say anything. You voted for Trump because you were selfish, or you couldn’t stand the thought of Hillary. Asian Americans, Black Americans, Muslim Americans, Hispanic Americans…we are all at the mercy of white American men, and you don’t speak up for us. Your voice can only be heard when it benefits you. Another Martin Luther King won’t work, we had Barack and nobody listened. Some things can’t be said by a black person, or a Hispanic person, because we just appear to be "making a fuss". Sometimes it must be said by a white man to be heard.

So, I’m looking for a good white man. One that will acknowledge his privilege and power in this country and use it for good. One that will speak up when he hears a racist joke in the office. One that will look a black man in the eye and ask how he’s doing. One that will speak up when a woman isn’t getting a fair wage. One that will ask the Muslim child if they feel safe at school (without being creepy). Is there a white man that will offer the group of guys landscaping their home something to drink? No, not one that will send his wife, but one that will take it himself. I’m looking for a white man age 21-65 to use his powerful voice to make America great for the first time in history.

Comment Below and let me know how you feel about the tone of American people right, and what we can do to change it.

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