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We're All Alright

You know, I think we’re actually doing ok right now. Sure, the racists are out, the KKK is trying to make a comeback, and our president may or may not be a racist, prejudice-bigot. BUT, what these things have done is made people think. I believe the recent events have caused people ask themselves the difficult questions like: “am I racist?” “am I afraid of Muslims?” “why did I vote for Trump?” The racial unrest in the U.S. has actually made more people come together than not! Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I literally saw a gang of white people vandalize government property for the sake of black people! LOL. What a sight to behold. There were only one or two black people (probably because they were afraid to get shot) in a crowd of white people who took a rope and tied it around that neck of a statue of a white man, and pulled it to the ground. The irony in that is crazy! While It might seem like we are living in the 50’s all over again, believe you me…we are not. I saw a photograph of a white man kneeling with a BLM shirt on during the National Anthem at what looked like a high school basketball game. I have seen photos of black people carry white people, and white people carrying black people through muddy waters in Texas. A friend of mine share this conversation between two of her fellow church members:

You see, this stuff is bringing out the worst in a lot of people, but we can’t ignore that it’s bringing out the good in a LOT more. I think we have a loooooong way to go, but if we keep talking, asking questions, and calling people out on foolishness, we’ll be alright!

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