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Are You Ready For Some Football? Part 2

Yep. That happened. Our dear President Donald J. Trump took to the stage in my somewhat hometown and referred to any player that protested police brutality as a SOB and suggested they be fired. There is so much to be said about this so I will try to keep it concise:

  1. I'm pretty sure NONE of these players were born of dogs.

  2. Why are we still surprised when he goes off the teleprompter??? We KNOW he's gonna either say something dumb or racist to get the crowd hype.

  3. I wonder how many people know that what Colin Kaepernick started has NOTHING to do with the flag, anthem, or military... similar to how the Freedom Riders didn't actually hate or disrespect buses.

  4. They need to add U.S. Press Secretary to that show "Dirty Jobs". Artificially inseminating a cow, cleaning the city's sewer system, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders's job.

  5. I'm pretty sure these owners and coaches are locking arms with their players because they don't want #45 messing with their "coin," also known as money.

  6. The NFL is 70% black. If they all get fired football will be... "SAD" in my best Donald Trump voice.

  7. Where were all these players and coaches last year when Kaepernick was out there kneeling by himself???

  8. Thank you Michael Bennett for your very eloquent interview on CNN. He plays for the NFL and was treated unjustly by police after the McGregor-Mayweather fight. His comments on this situation are VERY level headed.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but Bob Costas might be woke!

  10. If you are unaware that the WHOLE point of protest is to create unrest then... WAKE UP! I know you guys want to just be entertained by these black players and you don't want to be reminded that they are treated terribly when they leave the field... buuuut... sorry, not sorry. If you're uncomfortable when you see it then it's working!

  11. I love that these players get to be SOBs and the Neo-Nazis, White Suprimacists, and KKK members marching while chanting Nazi slogans get to be "very fine people". That's Dope.

  12. About number 11. Of course they are very fine people! Did everyone forget our president's parents were members of the KKK??? I'm sure he thought they were very fine people as well.

  13. This whole thing reminds me of that one time black people used to break the law by doing sit-ins at lunch counters and EVERYBODY thought they were trouble makers.

  14. Here's a brief lesson on "greater than - less than" in case you slept during math class:

  • A gorilla > a black life

  • A piece of cloth on a pole > a black life

  • A song that many people don’t know the lyrics to > a black life

  • A Robert E. Lee Statue > a white girl’s life

  • The confederate flag > the American flag

  • A peaceful football game > the U. S. Constitution

  1. Wait, why is the President tweeting about this instead of Puerto Rico?

  2. Did people forget these black players have parents and grandparents who fought for this country too??? Many of them came back to this country after war to be treated like second class citizens. It's our country and too, if not more.

  3. Remember that one time when Dylann Roof posted a picture of himself burning the U.S. flag and then went and shot up a church full of black people and the police took him to Burger King afterwards? Where was the outrage about the flag and patriotism then? Oh... that doesn't count.

  4. While some coaches STILL disagree with what is going on during the anthem, they are being forced to talk about it and I'm here for that!

  5. I don't believe Colin is perfect, but I do believe his goal was to raise awareness and get people talking and IT'S WORKING!

  6. Whether you like it or not, we are doing it. We are having a healthy conversation about race.

I leave you with one question. How is this:

Different from this?

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