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I need your VOTE!!!!

For those of you that don't know, I live in Louisville. The city is great; full of art, food, and creativity. However, the racial divide in the city is the pink elephant in the room. There are soooo many things that need to be done to bring this city together and I want to do my part to help. I need $900 to secure the venue for an event that I would like to have to begin a citywide conversation on race. While that might not be much for some, the way my bank account is set up, I don't have access to that type of money lol. So, this is where you come in! I'm not asking for your money, just your VOTE! I entered a slogan contest for my "Racism is Petty" t-shirt design and the winner will receive 1K in cash and their slogan will be posted on a billboard in Chicago!!! How awesome is that!?! Enough money to pay for the venue AND the message will reach thousands of people in Chi Town! Soooooo pretty please, with a cherry on top, cast your vote! (just click the shirt)

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