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Jussie, this is problematic.

Let me first begin by saying my previous post about the MAGA hat still remains relevant, or as the young folks say, "I said what I said". I purposely stayed away from discussing his "attackers" because I didn't have enough information. The intent behind the post was to discuss why saying MAGA or wearing the hat seems to be a new way of trying to intimidate minorities and all of my views on that matter still remain the same.

Now, let's get to Jussie. Our dear friend Jussie Smollette lied about his attack numerous times, even to another black person's face (Robin Roberts) on Good Morning America. He even quoted his alleged attackers as saying "This is MAGA country". This story has caused me to ask several questions:

1. To lie about his attackers saying, "This is MAGA country" reiterates that fact that the phrase or hat is a problem. Would there have been a problem if he said his attackers yelled, "Change We Need!" (which happens to be George W. Bush's campaign slogan)? No. It's all in the message Donald Trump is disseminating along with the MAGA slogan that makes it more of a weapon than a charge to better the country.

(Side note: Donald Trump had a lot to say about how horrible it was for Jussie to lie on his supporters, but had nothing to say to his supporters before he knew it was a lie)

2. WHYYYYYY did these men agree to be paid to stage this attack, and how much were they paid????

3. Why did these men not have enough scruples or intelligence to say "no, this will cause more harm that good to the LGBT, Black, and Democratic communities if it is found to be a hoax"? Seriously, are you guys TRYING to get Donald Trump re-elected????

4. When will people stop underestimating the legal system??? Jussie, did you REALLY think they weren't going to figure this out???

5. Jussie, did you not know that if a black man is found to be lying about a hate crime you would be DRAGGGGGGGGGGED by Fox News AND Black Twitter???

Jussie, I'm so disappointed in you. I understand the passion and maybe even anger you have towards the real problem of racism and homophobia in this country. Nevertheless, you have to learn to channel that anger into something useful. Imagine what would have happened if the members of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) had let their anger and frustration get to them during the Civil Rights Movement when they were doing sit-ins? Imagine what would have happened if instead of walking peacefully across the Edmond Pettus Bridge they became an angry mob? The whole point of Bloody Sunday was to show how peaceful and human black people were in comparison to the heartless men that beat them and chased them with dogs. Those leaders purposely walked across that bridge in their best clothes, they wanted the officers to attack them in one of their most peaceful moments in order for the media to cover it, so people could see how bad things were in the south. Their first attempt was not successful so they turned around and went back... peacefully. They didn't make up a story to get media attention, they just tried again and let it happen because they knew it would.

Let this be a lesson in anger management, the misuse of a public platform, and attention seeking. Jussie, I am hoping you can recover from the copious amounts of backlash, and I'm hoping you seek extensive counseling, and I say that out of genuine concern for your well being.

.... Now... that was an interesting turn of Black History Month events....

Good Luck Jussie.

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