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Why did Bethune-Cookman Grads turn their backs on Betsy?

If you haven't heard Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education was invited to give the commencement speech at the well known HBCU, Bethune-Cookman University. Over 50,000 individuals signed a petition to "un-invite" her, but those voices were not heard and the president decided to bring her anyway. During the speech some students turned their back to her, and a few others did a little bit of heckling. So you might be saying "why?? that is so disrespectful!" Well, the students would say "I know right? That's how we felt when they invited her!"

Here's the thing, attending an HBCU is a very intentional thing. You go to an HBCU for one of two reasons:

1. Your parents made you

2. You wanted to be surrounded by other black people.

(I'll talk about the importance of HBCU's in another post)

Inviting Betsy DeVos, one who referred to HBCU's as the "Pioneers of School Choice" and who misspelled W.E.B. Debois name is a slap in the face. It's almost as bad as being invited to a party and going up to a stranger saying "this party is pretty lame huh" not realizing the person you were talking to is the host! Ok, its a little a different, but pretty much the same thing. Long story short, you're not invited to the party Besty, you're too out of touch.

Comment below and let me know how you feel about what the graduates did.

If you want to read more about the store, check out this article.

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love, peace, unity

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