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Dear Former President Trump

Dear Former President,

I am not sure where you will be upon receiving this letter… Mar-a Lago, on a New Jersey golf course, or perhaps prison.

I open this letter with the famous quote:

“Until you do right by me, everything you do is going to fail” – Celie.

You have done yourself and this country an extravagant injustice and until you get it right, you will continue to fail.

Donald, by this time I am sure you are fearful of your future, and while this is unfortunate, what you are experiencing is the same fear your racist rhetoric, support for neo-Nazi’s and white nationalists, words to encourage police brutality, and threats of war caused American citizens to feel. The difference is this is your first time experiencing this type of fear, so you probably won’t survive it (so I call you Former President).

We (black people particularly), Native Americans, Jews, and other minorities have been experiencing this for a looooong time so we can adapt, adjust, rise above, live, and thrive in it. If you’re wondering how this is possible it’s because racists like yourself gave us the tools to do so. You beat us and we lived. You emotionally abused us and we thrived. You destroyed our families and we continue to rebuild them. We know what it’s like to “make bricks without straw” but you? That’s one thing your white privilege didn’t afford you…stamina. You see, your racism equipped us with the ability to do things like walk right past a Robert E. Lee statue and get a degree from a university that never intended for us to have an equivalent education… without blinking an eye. Meanwhile, you can’t even stand to watch Saturday Night Live without coming apart.

I am concerned that you will not survive the stages of grief that are inevitable with your tremendous failure to lead the country.Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression…Acceptance… It appears you have exhibited a constant state of grief throughout your short tenure as President. You constantly denied rightful accusations against you. You displayed anger in almost every press conference and twitter post. You bargained with other world leaders in an attempt to cover your falsities. Your need for approval, frequent visits to your old home in Mar-a Lago, and anxiousness, are all signs of depression. But acceptance…acceptance is the final stage that you never seem to display. You never seem to accept that your actions and words are wrong, you never accept that you are unfit to run the country, or take ownership of your lies. Instead, you continue in this apparent cycle of grief without completing it. So, I must ask you Former President Trump… why are you grieving?

Are you grieving because you are not the man you claim to be? Are you grieving your decision to run for office? Are you grieving the Central Park 5? Are you grieving your failed marriages? What is it??

I encourage you to use this free time to heal yourself. Face the failures, lies, hatred, and short comings head on. Do us all a favor Former Presider Trump, find healing because hurt people hurt people, and you have wounded the United States of America deeply.


A Black Girl

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