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Game includes:

  • 90 main deck cards representing 9 cultures/ethnic groups (African American, Asian American, Black American, Indian American, Iranian American, Italian American, Mexican American, Native American,White American)
  • 6 Cards
  • 1 timer
  • 3 Blue Wild Cards
  • 7 flash Card Decks ( Spanish, Farsi, German, Italian, Cherokee, Korean, and Hindi )
  • Where are the instructions? Access the instructions by scanning the QR code located on the inside of the top lid of the box.
  • How many players do you need? The game is designed to be played in two teams. It is best to have at least three people on each team but it can be done with 2 people on each team. 
  • Some cards have QR codes on them, what are they for? These cards have links to videos that will provide further instructions for the challenge on the card.
  • Where are the answers? Some answers are on the card written in bold, longer answers can be found with the instructions y scanning the QR code on the inside lid of the box, or the side of the box. 


Direct any other questions to


1 Pound
  • AABG Inc is a non-pofit organization, if you woull like to write off oyur purchase, please email us at

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